Stichting Pigasos
  Zorba de Greek: "Dance? Did you say... DANCE?!  Come on my boy, Together! Lets go!"


Starters and advanced dansers dance together

In Greece a whole village, the young and the old, dances together. The young learn from the old. At Pegasus we dance according this tradition together every Sunday. Everybody is welcome!

In the lessons, depending on the dance instructor, you learn the dances from different regions of mainland Greece and the Greek islands.

Time: Sundays from 14:30 - 17:00 hours

Period: Sunday 3 September 2023 until 17 December 2023.

LOCATION!: Gymzaal Weertsingel WZ, Weerdsingel WZ 22, 3514AA Utrecht 

The gym is on walking distance of the Central  in Utrecht (Google Maps).

Parking is NOT free on the Weerdsingel! In the area and neighbourhood of the Amsterdamsestraatweg parking is free on Sundays

After the dance we have a drink at some of the cafés nearby.

Price: 128,00 Euro   (students half price)

Bankaccount: Stichting Pigasos, banknummer NL02INGB0007229200

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