Stichting Pigasos
  Zorba de Greek: "Dance? Did you say... DANCE?!  Come on my boy, Together! Lets go!"

Dance Seminar with Georgos Ziogas Sunday, June 11, 2023

As part of the sixtieth anniversary of Pigasos, Pigasos is organizing a one-day dance seminar on Sunday, June 11, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with dance teacher Georgos Ziogas from Alexandroupolis. The program includes dances from Metaxades-villages of the Evros River area in Thrace. Pigasos dancers get priority, so register quickly because there are a limited number of places available.

Below more information about the programm and the resume of Georgos Ziogas

Programme of Seminar

Resume Georgos Ziogas

Georgos Ziogas was born in 1966, in Patagi Orestiada, to a father Sarakatsanos and a mother belonging to the Marida family. This fact offered him the "luxury" of growing up in two worlds so different, but yet so similar.
Giorgos learned his first dances, like so many generations without counting, in the village square, with the result that later, when he had to count what he learned, he faced a serious problem.
In 1980, the family moved to Alexandroupolis and from 1981 he started as a dancer and as a teacher.
In 1989, he began his conscious engagement with dance and tradition in general, which brought him recognition in this area.
Since 1990 he has been active in the Cultural Association of traditional dances "O Evros" and since 1999 he maintains a workshop making traditional costumes from the Prefecture of Evros.
He has taken part in the research program "Thraki" of the Athens Concert Hall, where his work was recognized by the recording team of the program, resulting in the collaboration and organization of an event with the participation of the association at the Concert Hall in 1997.
His collaboration with Mrs. Domna Samiou was also important, where with the participation of a children's section of the club, they took part in a performance that took place at the Herodeion Megaron in September 2001 on the theme "The bee is passing by".
He has also taken part in the research program "Music and Musicians of Thrace", of the Enterprise for Cultural Development of the Municipality of Alex/polis (E.P.A.D.A).
After many years of recording anecdotal songs, the production of a double CD with an insert, with songs from the prefecture of Evros, was made in 2002 with the collaboration of the association "O Evros" and EL.KE.LA.M.
2008 is the year he releases, after a lot of research, his new CD in collaboration with the "Evros" collective, of which he has been president for the last few years, and it is called "DON'T HIDE YESTERDAY" with brand new songs and dances .
Giorgos Ziogas teaches in internal and external seminars. In recent years, together with Vagelis Doropoulos, Giannis Kanargielis and Barbas - Giannis Kyriakides, they have been participating as musicians in various events throughout Greece.