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  Zorba de Greek: "Dance? Did you say... DANCE?!  Come on my boy, Together! Lets go!"


Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic (Greek: Ελληνική Δημοκρατία), is a mountainous country in southeastern Europe bordering Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. It consists of mainland with a peninsula, the Peloponnese. Greece also has about 1500 islands, 160 of which are inhabited.
The great differences in landscape (mountains, coastal regions and islands) and differences in existence (livestock, trade and shipping) have resulted in great differences between the regions, the clothing, the musical instruments and the dances. The biggest difference exists between the mainland and the islands.

Dance instructors often come from a specific region and are often specialize in dances from that specific region or villages.

A short description of the dance instructor we work with can be found below.

Dance instructor Christos Pastras

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, having family origins from Stiri, Viotia, nearby Delphi region. Till the age of 25, I have lived in Greece with an interim year in Finland.
My first dance lessons, among other activities, began at the age of 8 and at my primary school. As a dance student I have participated in various dance seminars, groups and shows all around Greece which were organized by the best dance teachers, in that field. The memory I will always carry with me is my dancing participation at the closing ceremony of Athens 2004 Olympic Games. As a dance teacher, I have had the chance to transmit my knowledge, for 10 years now, to numerous students, in seminars and dance groups, in all three countries I’ve lived in. My main inspiration originates from three persons, my Teacher Giorgos Velissaropoulos, my father Thanasis Pastras and my grandfather Christos Pastras. They taught me how to “dance” my thoughts and feelings…

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